1)    Colors you enjoy. These colors can be various temperatures.

I like nuanced colors in various combinations. Never crude primary colors. Let’s say the colors of a flower bouquet. Basic hue, red. I also like grey and white with a touch of color.

2)      Fonts you enjoy- Tahoma, Century gothic, Eras MediumGadugi, Kozuka Gothic Pro L, etc.

3)    List websites that you like and find attractive; sites you find unattractive too.


Busy, aggressive pages.

4)    List your favorite things: food, wine, flowers, books/writers, cars, places to travel, people/mentors. This list doesn’t have to be long. It can be 2 things or as many as you like.

Flower: roses. Wine: champagne. Places to travel: Italy

5)    Which websites of my portfolio do you like and why (brief answer if you like).

See above. I like them because they are simple and elegant. The colors are soft. The pages are large and not crowded. The pictures are also large. The elements are well spaced and have a rhythm that guides the eye in a logical and pleasant succession.

6)    What would you like to do differently with your new site from other websites you have? How do you envision your website? Would it look like your best outfit, your moodiest of moods, a fun day with your husband? Yes, I am asking you to be transparent and vulnerable with me. I won’t put any of what you share with me on the site but what I am aiming for is a mood, trying to capture an essence of who you are.

I want this one to be more personal than the press website, which is business-like. I also want it to have a more contemporary look than the one for Family Album.

So, it should definitely capture a mood, a happy but thoughtful one. Like a stroll in the park or a walk on the beach, or a night on the terrace looking at the stars. These are private moments I greatly enjoy. But I must alternate them with public appearances. I like to dress up in fashion clothes, with fine jewelry and socialize. I’m a single woman and want to stay that way, but I enjoy men’s attentions and women’s admiration.